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*All arm services include the hands, All leg services include the feet

*Full face service includes all facial surface areas above the neck, but discludes nostrils and ears

*Full body service includes all areas of the body from the neck down, discludes areas above the neck

*Full body services incur an additional 20% gratuity and a deposit is required for first time clients only Male Brazilian Area Services Policy: The Waxing Studio is one of just a few established Austin hair removal providers offering Male Brazilian services. Due to the nature of the service and the intimate areas of the body accessed during these services, The Waxing Studio maintains a strict and professional policy regarding appropriate behavior by Clients during such service visits. Should the Client, at any time, act in a way that is deemed inappropriate by The Waxing Studio and its staff, or that may cause any staff member to become in any way uncomfortable proceeding with the visit, the visit will be terminated immediately and payment for the service in full must be paid, regardless of the current stage of hair removal so far completed at the time of termination. Any gross misconduct by a Client may also incur additional repercussions including future refusal of services at any of The Waxing Studio locations, and reporting of incidents to the Police Department if warranted. We appreciate all clients understanding, cooperation, and participation in these policies as our Estheticians work to provide the very best in professional esthetic hair removal services to our valued male clients.

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