Skin Care and Waxing Services Client Agreement: By use of any of our services you agree to the following: All clients are required to complete and sign a service consent and release form prior to any services being rendered. Clients understand that it is their responsibility to update their form in the event that any information changes. Clients MUST tell us prior to any appointment if they are taking or using any kind of acne medications or skin care products containing hydroxies, Acutane or Retin-A. All of these make the skin sensitive and thinner than normal, which can cause tearing or even removal of layers of the skin where waxing is done. Clients are required to advise The Waxing Studio and their service provider of the following health information pertaining to their services: Previous wax history, Prior adverse reactions to skin care or waxing Recent or current use of Retin-A, AHA, Retinol, Renova, Prednisone, Derma-Peeling, Accutane, and any other A products, Recent acid peels or micro-dermabrasion, Allergies, Current pregnancies or menstrual cycles if the area being waxed is in the bikini region, photo-facials or light treatments to skin, Any current or past STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) in clients medical history if the area being waxed requires treatment in the pubic or buttocks region or requires removal of undergarments. Clients are required to notify The Waxing Studio to changes in any of the above health information prior to any continued services being rendered. Client understands that an adverse reaction during or after waxing treatment may occur. In acknowledgment of the foregoing, by accepting treatments and services from The Waxing Studio, client is authorizing The Waxing Studio and its staff to perform specified waxing treatments and thereby releases The Waxing Studio, its officers, employees, agents or its assigns, from any of all liability arising from or as a result of any waxing or skin care treatments they receive. Clients assume full and complete responsibility for any personal injury, loss or damage to their health or property as a result of any skin care or waxing treatment they receive at The Waxing Studio. The Waxing Studio cannot and does not claim to diagnose or give advice on any medical conditions of the skin and/or otherwise. Client agrees to seek immediate medical attention and advice from a qualified physician or medical facility should any irritation or adverse reaction occur following treatment. Consent for Chemical Peel, if treatment is scheduled: Client understands they will be receiving a Chemical Acid Peel facial treatment. There may be peeling, flaking, and tenderness. By accepting treatment from The Waxing Studio, Client agrees to use recommended products either through purchase or samples given. Client agree to stay out of the sun and to use sunscreen for at least 3 days prior to, and following treatment. Client agrees they will not use face scrubs for at least a week post-treatment, as they are too abrasive after the treatment. Client agrees to follow all post-care instructions given to them by The Waxing Studio. Client agrees they will not hold The Waxing Studio liable for any adverse reactions to Chemical treatments rendered at The Waxing Studio or by any employee of The Waxing Studio. Cancellation Policy: In order to best accommodate all Clients needs, The Waxing Studio requires 24 hour cancellation notice for all appointments. A $25 dollar cancellation fee may be assessed for a "no call no show" on appointments at our discretion. We appreciate your assistance in providing our Service Providers sufficient notice of any change to your appointment time. Late Policy: If a client is more than 5 minutes late for their appointment time, we may not be able to accommodate some or all of the client's services that day and they may be asked to reschedule for a later date and time. Gratuity Policy: For large appointments, defined as costing $150 or more or lasting in duration of 1.5 hours or more, a 15% gratuity to the Esthetician is required. For and Full Body appointment, A 20% Gratuity to the Esthetician is required. Gratuity is paid directly to Service Providers and is not processed through The Waxing Studio. Gratuity may be paid to the Service provider via Cash or Credit Card. Accepted Forms of Payment: The Waxing Studio accepts all major credit cards, as well as cash or valid The Waxing Studio gift cards. We do not accept Checks, Paypal, or ECH payments. Payment must be made at the time services are rendered. Gift Card Policy: Gift Cards may be purchased for any dollar amount requested, payment in full must be made at the time of purchase. Gift cards are non-refundable. Gift Cards never expire. Gift Cards may be used at any of The Waxing Studio locations. Gift Cards may be used to pay for Services, Products, or Wax Packages. Gift Cards may not be used to pay gratuity to service providers. Groupon Policy: The Waxing Studio may participate in Groupon promotions from time to time. During any current and valid Groupon promotion the following policies apply: Groupons are for New clients only. Groupons may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion. Groupons are expressly for use for the applicable service advertised in the promotion and only valid for the time period specified in the promotion. Groupons do expire. If a purchased Groupon is not used prior to the expiration of the promotion period, the dollar value that was actually paid by the client when purchasing the Groupon may be used toward the payment of the services originally purchase for only and any additional amount is due at the time of that service. Groupons may not be used for purchasing products, wax packages, gift cards, or for gratuity. Follow Up and Redo Services: The Waxing Studio will provide all clients an opportunity to review the work performed at the end of their appointment. Clients should provide feedback on any additional changes or hair removal needed at this time. However in the event a need for a redo or touch up service is noticed at a later time, The Waxing Studio will provide a free of charge touch up or redo of a service within five (5) days of the original appointment. Clients should advise the front desk at the time of booking if they are requesting a redo or touch up. Requests made beyond five (5) days from the original service are not guaranteed to being accommodated. Client Privacy Policy and Use of Personal Contact Information: The Waxing Studio will never share or sell clients personal contact information with any other business sources. Clients that have opted into our email marketing campaigns may occasionally receive emails advertising promotions not more than 2 times per calendar month. Clients may opt out of marketing emails at any time via the unsubscribe link in the email or by contacting The Waxing Studio and requesting removal. Clients may update their contact information any time via the online booking system located on this site. Male Brazilian Services Policy: The Waxing Studio is one of just a few established Austin hair removal providers offering Male Brazilian services. Due to the nature of the service and the intimate areas of the body accessed during these services, The Waxing Studio maintains a strict and professional policy regarding appropriate behavior by Clients during such service visits. Should the Client, at any time, act in a way that is deemed inappropriate by The Waxing Studio and its staff, or that may cause any staff member to become in any way uncomfortable proceeding with the visit, the visit will be terminated immediately and payment for the service in full must be paid, regardless of the current stage of hair removal so far completed at the time of termination. Any gross misconduct by a Client may also incur additional repercussions including future refusal of services at any of The Waxing Studio locations, and reporting of incidents to the Police Department if warranted. We appreciate all clients understanding, cooperation, and participation in these policies as our Estheticians work to provide the very best in professional esthetic hair removal services to our valued male clients.

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